BioVentrix: CE Mark Certification for Revivent TC

27 June 2016

The First Minimally Invasive Heart Failure Treatment to Restore the Left Ventricle

BioVentrix: CE Mark Certification for Revivent TC
The Revivent TC™TransCatheter Ventricular Enhancement System enables the treatment and management of patients who suffered a myocardial infarction resulting in left ventricular dysfunction.

BioVentrix Inc., an emerging medical device company dedicated to the minimally invasive treatment of heart failure (HF), announced today that it has received certification for CE marking its Revivent TC TransCatheter Ventricular Enhancement System. Following a myocardial infarction or heart attack, the Revivent TC System implants proprietary micro-anchor pairs to exclude scarred myocardium from the healthy tissue of the left ventricle (LV). The restoration of the LV to a more optimal volume and conical shape has proven to enhance cardiac performance and significantly improve a patient’s quality of life . 

“The certification for CE marking is not only an important milestone for the company, but also for those who treat heart failure,” said Mr. Kenneth Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer of BioVentrix. “It transforms the spectrum of treatment by offering a minimally invasive therapeutic solution for the previously ignored ventricle. By making this critical treatment available, we are giving physicians an important additional resource that they can utilize in conjunction with existing valvular and vascular therapies, making Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy (GDMT) even more effective. Moreover, it provides access to efficacious and tolerable therapy to many frail patients who previously would have no options,” continued Mr. Miller. 

“There is no doubt that LV volume reduction is an important therapy as it directly impacts the parameters that determine prognosis and survival, such as LV volume and ejection fraction. The impact of the Revivent TC System is achieved by transcatheter access to exclude the ischemic portion of the left ventricle from the healthy tissue,” added Dr. Lon Annest, Chief Medical Officer of BioVentrix. “This empowers heart teams in Europe, who currently have a backlog of patients, and soon, in the US, to ensure optimal clinical outcomes by minimizing the risk compared to conventional surgery,” said Dr. Annest. 

At 2-year follow-up, patients have made remarkable improvements in their Quality of Life by 38%. Additionally, the clinical benefit has been proven to extend life for patients with a significant reduction of LV end-systolic volume index (31%) and improvement of LV ejection fraction (23%) . Left ventricular volume reduction is especially critical for the survival of a patient as other studies have shown that significant LV volume reduction can directly prolong a patient’s life. 

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