Safety Online Adjudication

Catchtrial Safety Online Adjudication.
Expedite endpoint assessment for CEC and DSMB.

Catchtrial Safety expedites the review of safety and endpoint-driven data for large-scale clinical trials or registries. With 24/7 direct reporting, you can avoid coordinating in-person meetings or stockpiling of cases for medical expert review.

Catchtrial Safety centralizes all data related to safety endpoints: patient records, laboratory data and images reside in a single system so that all the necessary information at your fingertips. The system automates the adjudication workflow by generating automated narratives and flagging events which require review or discrepancies between experts, accelerating the delivery of primary and secondary endpoints.

Direct assessment of safety endpoints for instant availability of verified results

While traditional adverse event review often involves a lengthy and time-consuming process, Catchtrial Safety accelerates review and tracking of safety data by:

  • Eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings for adjudication board members, saving travel and logistical expenses.
  • Managing the review and tracking process of adverse events and source documents online, delivering real-time information to clients .
  • Decreasing the amount of time required for review, providing faster study results.


  • Provides real-time access to a secure online data repository of adverse events or endpoints and site-level documents.
  • Accelerates the adjudication process by enabling board members to review the information at their own convenience in any location globally.
  • Compares and stores board member decisions electronically, and flags any unresolved issues needing a full committee review.
  • Accommodates customization needs, including multiple event adjudication boards within the same study.