Digital Core Lab

Catchtrial Digital Core Lab.
Advanced digital image migration delivers key core lab metrics.

Catchtrial Images captures the images together with the eCRF to keep all data connected and easy to handle.

Investigators upload medical images using the friendly interface of Catchtrial Light, without special software on their PC. The system does not require hospital PACS authorizations.

Image types include CT, MRI, angiography, ultrasound, OCT and others. All images are fully anonymized before upload.

Transmission is encrypted for security and compressed for speed. All raw data is maintained unaltered.

The Core Lab receives an alert and views the images in a dedicated dashboard for easy download.
Images can be downloaded as raw data, viewed directly on the screen or printed as PDF or JPG fi les.

Images database & core lab readings.

Catchtrial is fully integrated with medical imaging capture for direct electronic transfer from the clinical site to the core lab.

Advanced technology ensures unprecedented speed for data access and image transfer.
Core lab alerts ensure rapid turnaround for data quality and patient eligibility.