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Keeping the industry abreast of changing regulatory guidelines helps companies more precisely plan the path to market approvals. Meditrial Europe education programs offers the opportunity to integrate specialized training from the start. Trainees acquire the multitasking and organizational skills necessary for a successful involvement in internation al research programs. Practical tools and case-studies are built into GCP training programs.

Meditrial Europe offers options for clinicians, industry personnel and research professionals to access knowledge in convenient formats, including e-learning and classroom courses with our dedicated experts.

Good Clinical Practice 2014 - Clinical Trials for Medical Devices

This workshop will allow you to tailor your strategy for successful European trials. You will learn how the new international standard for medical device ISO 14155, will aid in aligning your study studies with the new requirements.
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Clinical leadership and governance:
How to inspire innovation and adoption of new therapies

This course teaches how CEOs and managers can build confidence in their company and products, make them demonstrably better and safer for patients, foster enthusiasm and create an effective work environment for their team.
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Clinical monitor certification program for medicinal products and medical devices

This training course provides a solid understanding of GCP requirements and clinical quality assurance overviews for clinical trials. Attendees will gain experience in proven techniques for detecting, correcting and preventing clinical study deficiencies at domestic and international clinical sites.
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