Success track

Success track

Select Meditrial Europe as member of your team and a contributor to your success. We’ll be pleased to apply our experience, solutions and results on your behalf and gain your trust with immediate results.

  • 2016

    February 2016, Meditrial achieves Trademarks registration approvals for Cloud-Based Software Catchtrial, Maptrial, Fastrial in the United States.

    March 2016, Catchtrial data platform is released for a multi-country pilot study (New Zealand, South America and Europe) for the treatment of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation based on RF Balloon Catheter System technology.

    June 2016, Catchtrial EDC system integrates Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology to automatically convert patient questionnaires from paper to electronic format.

    October 2016, Meditrial releases Operational Data Model (ODM) import/export capability for Catchtrial EDC system. ODM-XML is a platform-independent format for exchanging and archiving clinical
    study data; the language of choice for representing case report form content.

    November 2016, Catchtrial data and image platform go-live for European/South American trial of Bioresorbable Drug-Eluting Coronary Scaffold and Delivery System.

  • 2015

    January 2015, Meditrial achieves ISO 9001 Group Certification from Bureau Veritas.

    March 2015, Meditrial software products are available on Google Cloud Platform, ensuring faster load time and enhanced security in every region of the world.

    May 2015, Fastrial study composer reaches the milestone of 1000 active users.

    September 2015, Catchtrial website is renewed and enriched, improving further on the user experience and simplifying the registration procedure.

    November 2015, Meditrial opens office in New York, USA.

  • 2014

    January 2014, Meditrial registers Trademarks for Cloud-Based Software Catchtrial, Maptrial, Fastrial.

    February 2014, Meditrial handles European Market Registrations in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal for transcatheter heart failure technology company.

    February 2014, Catchtrial EDC chosen as data and image capture platform for epicardial access study conducted in Brasil and Europe: Czech Republic, France, Hungary and Italy.

    March 2014, Meditrial manages expanded TAVI registry. After 18 months, 29 centers in 7 European Countries are enrolling patients.

    April 2014, Meditrial Cloud-Based Software earns recognition with ISO 9001 Certification.

    May 2014, Meditrial chosen as European Representative of breakthrough bioresorbable drug-eluting coronary scaffold.

    June 2014, Catchtrial data and image platform go-live for European trial of cardiac apical access strabilization and closure system.

    July 2014, Maptrial chosen as CTMS for Pivotal US IDE Trial of transcatheter aortic valve technology involving 30 US Centers.

  • 2013

    January 2013, Meditrial obtains multinational approval for European investigator driven registry

    March 2013, Meditrial initiates TAVI registry. After 6 months, 18 centers in 5 Countries are enrolling patients.

    April 2013, Meditrial chosen for the third year as regulatory service provider for CE mark of complex active implantable heart failure device.

    May 2013, Meditrial obtains approval for first in man study of transcatheter technology for heart failure in the UK, Germany, Benelux and Italy.

    June 2013, Catchtrial chosen as data and image platform for global trial involving the US, South America, Europe and Asia.

    July 2013, Meditrial obtains approvals for first in man study of revolutionary heart failure device.

    August 2013, Catchtrial EDC System extends EDC usage to Asian hospitals with opening of high speed dedicated datacenter in Jakarta.

    September 2013, Meditrial successfully supports CE mark of innovative class III device.

    December 2013, Meditrial chosen as European Representative of breakthrough technology for fetal monitoring.