Heart Team MAM 2016 - Zurich

September 15-16, 2016

Meet us in Zurich, Switzerland

Heart Team MAM 2016 - Zurich

The first Multidisciplinary Arrhythmia Meeting, focused on the Atrial Fibrillation Heart Team, will take place on September 15–16 2016 in Zurich.

The course will deal with hybrid strategies to manage atrial fibrillation and will be the first of its kind.

The goal of the upcoming Multidisciplinary Arrhythmia Meeting is to provide clinicians, electrophysiologists and surgeons with multiple examples of cooperating modes in dealing with atrial fibrillation. 

Cardiologists and surgeons from leading institutions in Europe, US and Asia will explain their reasons in favor of hybrid simultaneous, hybrid staged and multidisciplinary sequential approaches, and will report their results with the different existing platforms.

Plan to meet with us! Contact us to schedule a time to meet up.

Location: ETH Zurich. D-ITET. 

Website: Heart Team MAM 2016

Course Directors

Stefano Benussi, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Course Co-Directors 

Henry Crijins, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Firat Duru, Zurich, Switzerland

Francesco Maisano, Zurich, Switzerland

Program Committee

Haran Burri, Geneva, Switzerland

Manuel Castella, Barcelona, Spain

James L. Cox, Denver, USA

Paolo Della Bella, Milan, Italy

Paulus Kirchhof, Birmingham, UK

Karl Heinz Kuck, Hamburg, Germany

Jan Steffel, Zurich, Switzerland

Bart van Putte, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Alberto Weber, Zurich, Switzerland

International Faculty: 

Lucas Boersma, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Malcolm Dalrymple-Hay, Edinburgh, UK

Gan Dunnington, California, USA

Joris Ector, Brussels, Belgium

Sydney Gaynor, St.Louis, MO, USA

Guy Haywood, Plymouth, UK

Arie Pieter Kappetein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dipak Kotecha, Birmingham, UK

Louis Labrousse, Bordeaux, France

Günther Laufer, Vienna, Austria

Randal Lee, California, USA

Bing Liem, California, USA

Maurizio Lunati, Milan, Italy

Massimo MarianiGroningen, The Netherlands

Ju Mei, Shanghai, China

Marc la Meir, Brussels, Belgium

Laurent Pison, Brussels, Belgium

Gianluca Polvani, Milan, Italy

Alberto Pozzoli, Milan, Italy

Amiran Revishvili, Moscow, Russia

Claudio Tondo, Milan, Italy

Timo Weimar, Stuttgart, Germany

Michael Zembala, Zabrze, Poland

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